Armley memorial to asbestos victims

May 1, 2012

Rachel Reeves MP and Russell Hancock planting the Asbestos Memorial Tree

A memorial was established last autumn in Leeds to the hundreds of people who suffered and died as a result of the asbestos factory JW Roberts. This factory in Armley produced and spewed out deadly dust, contaminating workers, their families and those living close by. Many people went on to develop mesothelioma including June Hancock and her mother Maie Gelder.

A memorial tree was planted at Armley Industrial Museum by Leeds West Labour MP Rachel Reeves and Russell Hancock, June Hancock’s son.

Ms Reeves said, “This memorial is important to remind everyone of the terrible cost of industrial diseases like mesothelioma, and to commemorate the suffering of the residents of Armley, and their long struggle for justice.”

The planting ceremony was attended by local residents, representatives from Leeds Occupational Health and local trade unionists.

Picture by: Bruce Rollinson, Yorkshire Post.