Campaigning Internationally

October 25, 2012

Paris, a city renowned the world over for its landmarks and culture, its history and cuisine, became the focal point of the international campaign for an asbestos-free world on October 12 and 13, 2012. Representatives of asbestos victims’ groups, campaigning bodies and associations involved in the struggle to end the global use of asbestos converged on Paris at the invitation of Andeva, the French umbrella group representing scores of local victims’ associations. Laurie Kazan-Allen – JHMRF Patron and co-ordinator of the ‘International Ban Asbestos Secretariat’ – went to Paris to take part in the campaign.

Read a full report of the event on the IBAS website.

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Lisa Singh, an Australian Senator representing the state of Tasmania, was proud to accept a JHMRF bracelet at the Paris gathering organized by the French national asbestos victims’ association: ANDEVA on October 12, 2012. Presenting the bracelet to Ms. Singh, Laurie Kazan-Allen explained who June Hancock was and why the fund had been set up. Ms. Singh was, she said, delighted to know about the good work being done by the Fund as she is well aware of the pressing need for research into the deadly diseases caused by asbestos. Another of the JHMRF bracelets was presented to Pat Martin, a Member of the Canadian Parliament who is pictured below with Ms. Singh and Mrs. Kazan-Allen, a patron of the JHMRF Fund.