The Buck family challenge

August 26, 2014

A fantastic family fundraising challenge has enabled the Buck family to donate £822 to JHMRF. Tara Buck and her two sons cycled the Wiltshire Cycleway in memory of her stepdad and the boys’ granddad, Ron Nicholls. They also raised £340 via their Just Giving web page.

Tara says that Ron loved Wiltshire. He was born and brought up in Devizes, and worked as a carpenter in the local area.  She said Ron and her Mum had many happy years together and married in 2011. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in July 2012 and died the following September.

The cycle ride was a big adventure for the family, with younger son Joseph injuring himself on a barbed wire fence at Longleat, and elder brother Sam crashing down a very steep hill at great speed and then meeting a 90 degree bend! “The race ended there for him but, thankfully, he and his bike are now on the mend,” says Tara. Thank you to the Buck family – a great achievement.