Calls for removal of asbestos in Leeds schools

October 13, 2014

It is reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post that campaigners are calling for asbestos to be removed from classrooms after new figures reveal that around 190 of Leeds’ schools contain the dust.

Paul Brennan, deputy director of children’s services said, “Asbestos, when correctly managed and monitored, is not a cause for alarm. We take the issue very seriously and I can assure families that the safety of our pupils, staff and members of the public is absolutely paramount. We have stringent management plans in place in schools where asbestos is present and headteachers take part in comprehensive training regarding asbestos management.

“Records are held by the council and schools and are reviewed by contractors commissioned to carry out work. In most instances, asbestos is perfectly safe when undisturbed.“

JHMRF’s Kimberley Stubbs has described the figures as chilling, explaining that there is no such thing as ‘safe asbestos’.

Read the full article on the Yorkshire Evening Post website.