The mighty HASAG continue to support research work

December 12, 2015

Asbestos support group HASAG (Hampshire Asbestos Support and Awareness Group) continues to support our crucial mesothelioma research work, and it is amazing how so much money is raised every year.

A recent donation of £20,000 from AMD 2015 follows last December’s £15,000 cheque from the proceeds of AMD 2014. HASAG are our greatest fundraisers; since 2007, this Southampton-based group have raised a mighty £89,000 for the Fund.  This is an incredible achievement by these dedicated volunteers, all the more so because we’re not their only charity; similar sums have been raised for Mick Knighton/BLF.


HASAG Meeting

Mesothelioma nurse Anne Moylan and Penny Mordaunt MP for Portsmouth North were among speakers at HASAG’s AMD day, and led honours in releasing white doves in a symbolic gesture of remembrance.  Just over 160 people attended from all over the south of England. Lynne Squibb and her sister Lisa – whose father Dave Salisbury sadly lost his life to mesothelioma in 2005 – organised a range of fundraising activities.

Lynne Squibb said, “We are so lucky to have had such amazing support from our patients and their families.”

JHMRF are overwhelmed and grateful for the continuing support of HASAG. Not only do they do wonderful work for mesothelioma sufferers and their families, but they are fantastic fundraisers. They have raised and donated more than £200,000 for research into mesothelioma in the last six years; they are truly the UK’s top meso campaigners. Thank you so much once again to Lynne, Lisa and Ali, and everyone who supports HASAG.


HASAG Raffle Prizes