Trustees, patrons and medical advisors


Adrian Budgen

Adrian is a solicitor and partner in the law firm Irwin Mitchell, based in Sheffield. He represents only claimants suffering from asbestos-related injuries. Adrian successfully took June Hancock’s legal battle all the way to the Court of Appeal, where it became a landmark case in relation to environmental exposure to asbestos. He and June became firm friends. Adrian is also a lay member of the All Party Parliamentary Occupational Safety and Health Group/Asbestos Sub Committee and campaigns for the rights of asbestos victims and mesothelioma sufferers in particular.

Russell Hancock

Russell is June Hancock’s son. He lives and works in Leeds as an operations manager for a large property development company. He is married, with a daughter called Emily June. He takes an active interest in the Fund.

Vanessa Bridge

Vanessa came to know June Hancock as a journalist, whilst reporting her legal case in the Yorkshire Evening Post. They became firm friends and Vanessa was immensely supportive, both professionally and personally. A former director of communications at the University of Leeds, Vanessa continues to work hard to raise the profile of the asbestos tragedy in this country. She set up and runs the Fund’s website.

Kate Hill

Dr Kate Hill is a Senior Research Fellow in Applied Health at the University of Leeds. She has experience of research in cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Kate worked as a researcher in the Respiratory Department at Killingbeck Hospital and has maintained her interest in mesothelioma research by becoming a trustee of the fund. Kate manages the research funding activities for the JHMRF in accordance with the Association of Medical Research Charities best practice guidelines.

Kimberley Stubbs

Kimberley is June’s daughter. She lives in York with her husband Michael and young son Andrew, and works in Wetherby as an oil company manager. Like her brother Russell, she feels very strongly about the deadly asbestos legacy, and helps run the Fund.

Dan Small

Dan is a Chartered Accountant working at BHP Chartered Accountants in Sheffield. Dan, whose wife has a background in Cancer Research, was thrilled to get involved in such a worthwhile Charity.


John Battle

John was the MP for Leeds West, which includes Armley. He came to know June Hancock through her legal battle against the owners of the JW Roberts asbestos factory in Leeds. John was well aware of the ‘timebomb’ in that area caused by exposure to asbestos. John was very supportive, and continues to work hard in this area, campaigning for the rights of asbestos victims in Parliament. He is a member of the Asbestos Parliamentary Group.

Mavis Robinson MBE

Mavis worked as a Macmillan nurse in Leeds in the 1980s and 90s, seeing increasing numbers of a then little known and little reported incurable cancer we know as mesothelioma. She set up a national mesothelioma help and information line in 1998 and an advice pamphlet shortly afterwards. Mavis works tirelessly for the cause, and although officially retired, she continues to work in the field. Mavis was a great help to June and her family during her illness. In 2002 Mavis was awarded an MBE in recognition of her outstanding work.

Laurie Kazan-Allen

To say that Laurie is a tireless campaigner is an understatement. Laurie has advocated on behalf of asbestos victims both in the UK and abroad for many years, and is the co-ordinator of the ‘International Ban Asbestos Secretariat’. Laurie is also the Editor of the ‘British Asbestos Newsletter’. Laurie has supported the Fund since its inception. She knew June Hancock quite well and was very impressed by June’s gentle determination in the face of her illness. Laurie is highly respected both nationally and internationally in her field, and is striving to achieve a global ban on the use of asbestos.

Andrew Spink QC

Andrew is a highly regarded and very successful barrister who worked alongside Robin Stewart QC in June Hancock’s two-year legal battle against T&N. Andrew has always taken a keen interest in the Fund, and fully supports our objectives.

Medical advisors

Dr Martin Muers

Martin is a consultant physician in respiratory medicine and general medicine at the Leeds General Infirmary and chair of the British Thoracic Society/Medical Research Council mesothelioma study group ‘MSO1’ trial. Martin was June Hancock’s consultant at Killingbeck Hospital in Leeds, and they acquired mutual admiration and respect for each other.

Dr Helen Clayson

Medical Director, Hospice of St Mary of Furness, Cumbria

Mr John Edwards

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

Dr Patricia Fisher

Consultant Clinical Oncologist (medical), Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield