A breathtaking challenge

June 1, 2011

Three asbestos campaigners have completed a 1,200 mile cycle challenge across the UK on a ‘Breathtaking journey’ to publicise the fight for justice and truth about asbestos and its victims. Solicitors Paul Glanville and Katrina London, and asbestos campaigner Jason Addy cycled from Glasgow to Southampton, greeted by supporters along the way and taking in locations where communities were blighted by disease caused by asbestos.

They stopped off in Leeds, calling at the former JW Roberts asbestos factory in Armley on the sixth leg of their journey, and at the former Cape factory at Acre Mill, Hebden Bridge.

An Early Day Motion commending their journey was tabled by MP Michael Clapham. Over £6,000 was raised, with our Fund receiving £3,524.91.

For more information, see http://breathtakingjourney.blogspot.com/