HSE run ‘Beware Asbestos’ campaign

March 30, 2015

HSE is currently running a ‘Beware Asbestos’ campaign designed to raise awareness with tradespeople that asbestos is still a risk to them on a daily basis in the work they do. It also aims to offer them practical advice to help them to protect themselves and stay safe.

To help tradespeople appreciate the importance and true impact of asbestos related diseases, HSE has created dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages called ‘Dust to Dust’ where people whose lives have been affected by asbestos are able to share tribute notes to the living and the lost.  It is hoped that people will make their close families and friends aware of the Facebook site/Twitter page so they can appreciate the dangers of asbestos and the impact it would have on them if they, or a family member, developed an asbestos related disease.

The launch of the initiative coincided with the brief display of an art piece by artist Joe Joiner at the Actor’s Church in Soho, London.  Joe, who also lost a family member to asbestos, has taken the messages from loved ones and use them to symbolise asbestos fibres in the lungs.