Ways to raise funds


Your individual fundraising endeavours never cease to amaze us! Whether it’s a sky-dive, a 50 mile cycle ride through the Lake District or a sponsored ‘give up chocolate for Lent’ your contribution is vital and appreciated hugely. If you have a particular talent why not use that to raise money? For example one of our supporters is an artist, and held an art exhibition of their work with all the profits going to the June Hancock Fund.

As a group

Groups can achieve great things. Support groups have been very generous with fundraising for us, and we have also had a singing group and a running group raise funds for us. Why not consider forming a group around a similar interest (for example jewellery making, pottery, choral music) and hold an event to highlight your group’s skills and raise money for mesothelioma research at the same time? It’s also a lot of fun!

At school

Getting children involved is incredibly rewarding for them, and very often a school can be the ideal place to start. For example why not ask the Head Teacher if you can help organise a Christmas Card design competition? It could be 50p per entry, with an unlimited number of entries, and with all proceeds being split between the charity and the school.

The winning Christmas Card can be printed and sold in aid of the Fund, and also by the school at their own fundraising events. Alternatively why not ask the school for permission to have every student (that wants to) design an Easter Egg that could be printed onto a tea-towel and sold in aid of the Fund and the school. You will find that memento’s like this are incredibly popular with families!

At work

Employers and work colleagues are people we spend a lot of time with, and they can be a great source of support and encouragement. Employers may wish to make a ‘one off’ or a regular donation, or even to make The June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund their chosen charity.

Sponsored events are ideal ways of getting friends and colleagues at work involved – and it can be a good way of spreading the word about the dangers of asbestos, and about the lack of centrally funded mesothelioma research. It’s fun, and social too!

If you are stuck for fundraising ideas or simply want to talk through some ideas of your own then please contact us – we might even be able to put you in touch with someone who can advise you from experience!